Four Productivity Secrets of Top Achievers

Isn’t it funny how despite having access to technology that’s supposed to help you accomplish more in a day, you’re finding it harder and harder to actually get things done?

Is it because you’re expected to juggle so many things at once that it’s becoming more and more challenging to finish anything? Or because of the never-ending distractions caused by today’s always-connected world?

There still seem to be successful people who manage to squeeze so much into their days, getting their work done and still taking online courses, participating in podcasts and volunteering in their local community. They get the same number of hours as the rest of us, but they are somehow able to operate at a much higher level.

Here are four things top achievers do to be more productive.

1. They say no—a lot!

Here’s the thing: no matter how productive you become, if you keep adding unimportant tasks to your to-do list, you’ll never get anything worthwhile done.

This is why the most successful people in the world focus on eliminating as many pointless tasks as possible from their agenda. They know that to create real impact, they can’t afford to waste time on things that don’t align with their goals.

Take a look at your to-do list right now and start removing things that are not absolutely necessary. If they still need to be done, see who you can outsource to.

A Virtual Assistant is one cost friendly option for work tasks, while a cost-effective cleaner or housekeeper found on Airtasker or a similar odd job platform can free you up to complete more important things.

You’ll be surprised at how much more time you actually have when you eliminate repetitive or low-skilled tasks from your daily list.

2. They know how to prioritise

Once you’ve streamlined your schedule, it’s time to start prioritising. And a great way to do that is through the use of the Eisenhower Matrix, which separates your tasks into four categories:

Do First – the most important and urgent tasks that must be completed today
Schedule – important tasks that are not urgent and can be tackled another day
Delegate – urgent tasks that are less important
Don’t Do – tasks that are neither important nor urgent

By categorising your daily tasks this way, you’ll know exactly what you should be working on and what you should not concern yourself with at all times.

3. They eliminate distractions

Clutter, noise and notifications from your smart devices also take your focus away from the things you need to do.

This is why top achievers make it a point to take them out of the equation. They not only keep their workstations clean and well-organised, they set aside a specific time each day to respond to emails, messages and phone calls, instead of attending to them as soon as they arrive.

Unnecessary smartphone notifications are also a no-no. It is so tempting to check Facebook and Instagram comments or read breaking news alerts but this cuts valuable minutes from every hour.

4. They use the power of leverage

Successful people get so much done because they don’t do everything themselves. They leverage the power of people and systems to create a much bigger impact than they’d be capable of by themselves.

They also understand that the more time they spend on tasks that don’t make money, the more money they lose in the form of opportunity cost.

For example, instead of sitting in traffic and losing work time, many corporate professionals rely on a hire car service. With a WiFi-connected vehicle and a personal driver, they can get work done in comfort on the way to the airport or their next meeting.

Take your productivity to a whole new level

Give the above hacks a shot. You’ll be surprised how much more meaningful work you can accomplish each day. The added benefit is you will have more time to spend doing the things you really enjoy.

Don’t know where to begin? Start with something simple like hiring a chauffeur-driven car service for your next cross-city trip. With the extra time it gives you to get work done, you may find the service more-than pays for itself!

All you have to do is book your next journey with Revel Drive, and we’ll handle the rest.

How professionals and CEOs can escape the stress of road travel during COVID-19

During the height of COVID-19, Australia’s roads were almost empty. With few people travelling to and from work, children staying home from school and business-related travel postponed, there wasn’t much reason to get in the car. 

Now things are returning to normal, the car is one of the safest places to be. In a u-turn after years of pressure to take public transport, the Government is now urging those who can avoid using a bus or train to do so. This means more people than ever are travelling via a private vehicle to business hubs like the Sydney CBD. 

For time-poor professionals and CEOs, the extra traffic has caused a huge headache. To say there is insufficient parking in the CBD is an understatement. Many are being forced to park on the outskirts of town then wait for a shuttle bus to take them to work. 

The situation will be similar when people return to the airport. Driving and parking will be preferable to the train but there are associated costs with parking overnight. There’s also the stress of finding a spot. 

Sydney hire car service Revel Drive has an easy, comfortable and safe solution to these problems.

Luxury private transport for professionals

Imagine actually enjoying your commute to work, even if it is taking slightly longer than usual. 

With Revel Drive, you can have a chauffeur-driven vehicle show up at your door to take you directly to your workplace. 

Our fleet of luxury Tesla vehicles provides USB ports, water and complimentary WiFi so you can get work done as you travel. You can make phone calls, attend Zoom meetings and catch up on emails in comfort. 

With a hire car service, the issue of parking is eliminated. Your driver will only have to stop for a couple of minutes outside your office or meeting location. 

COVID-safe transport

The benefit of travelling in a private vehicle to work is better hygiene. When you use this type of service, you won’t be anywhere near strangers who could be unknowingly carrying COVID-19 and you won’t feel as worried about accidentally touching unsanitary surfaces. 

Revel Drive is now taking every possible step to ensure our hire car vehicles are clean and COVID-safe. This includes: 

  • Professional sanitisation of our vehicles in addition to our usual high standard of cleanliness,
  • Provision of hand sanitiser to our passengers available in all vehicles,
  • Ensuring our drivers do not show up to work if they are feeling unwell

After a brief hiatus, we are now back up and running, offering the same standard of service we are known for and with safety as our number one priority. 

Tesla hire car Sydney

The way everybody travels will change post-COVID. Unfortunately, one trade-off is more cars on the road in the short term. This will be a backwards step when it comes to air quality. 

To reduce your environmental footprint, choose a zero-emissions Tesla hire car. Revel Drive’s chauffeur-driven vehicles are modern, comfortable, incredibly quiet and good for the planet. We offer a range of models so you can travel alone or in family groups. 

Corporate transport accounts

If you or the professional you organise travel for are on the road regularly, it makes sense to have a corporate account with a reliable provider. 

Revel Drive offers professional travellers corporate accounts. We send monthly, itemised bills for improved flexibility.

When you have a regular provider, you can look forward to the same standard of service each time you travel. In the unstable times we have been experiencing lately, having a provider you can rely on will make a big difference to the outcome of your day. 

Recent feedback from our clients shared that, “The driver was brilliant, professional and really knew his stuff about the top of the range Tesla ‘Model S’ he was driving. The car was immaculate, a real first-class experience. We will be using the Revel Drive service again.”

If you’re looking for an efficient, easy and environmentally friendly COVID-safe travel solution, contact Revel Drive today. 

Visit to find out more. 


The future of cars – will they always be relevant?

While the look and the way in which cars operate may change, there will most likely always be the need for some sort of vehicle to enable commutes. The way in which vehicles are predicted to change, however, may almost render them unrecognisable. Hopes remain firm that manufacturers will introduce more fuel-efficiency or at least more vehicles that require no fossil-fuels. Not only will this alleviate many of the rising costs of daily commutes, but it will also have powerful knock-on effects for every aspect of the economy – even food prices will steady, thanks to lower transportation costs. What does the future of cars look like?

Self-driving will be standard

Self-driving is also known as Autonomous Automobile. Many folks maintain a level of suspicion and a degree of fear of these cars. Can we trust technology to get us safely from point A to point B? Science says yes. “In December 2018, Waymo, the company that emerged from Google’s self-driving-car project, officially started its commercial self-driving-car service in the suburbs of Phoenix.” This is but one of many companies who are working on releasing self-driving cars or rides, to the public. Tesla, DARPA, and a number of others have made headlines time and time again. Self-driving cars have gone from being a daydream to being a ludicrous idea to being possible and now it is inevitable. 

Cost-effective freight delivery trucks

In the USA, trucks moving freight by road accounts for 12% of the country’s fuel consumption. That means the price of goods and especially food, is directly related to fuel prices. It also means the transportation industry is responsible for a significant amount of pollution. Building trucks that are more fuel-efficient is the short term goal, while long term, manufacturers should aim to get trucks off of fossil fuels completely. 

“We will see a giant leap in the efficiency of new trucks – at least 40% in the next decade. Colani has already built a prototype that uses 41% less fuel than usual, while  Mercedes-Benz claimed a world record for their Actros truck, cutting fuel use by 50%, partly by using “superwide” tyres to replace each pair, together with aerodynamic reshaping. Up to 40% of truck energy is wasted by pairs of tyres as they roll along the road at speed.  Single very wide tyres reduce rolling resistance by 4%

Hydrogen and fuel cells to replace car batteries

Water-powered cars? Sounds great, doesn’t it? The challenge has been in splitting the water particles into hydrogen and oxygen in order to create power. This has thus far required electricity, which again relies on coal power. 

The other challenge is that hydrogen is near impossible to store because it is such a “thin” gas and it tends to seep out through cracks that are undetectable by the eye. The good news is that you use hydrogen to power battery cells. This is because the battery can manufacture the electricity needed to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen particles. 

Want to ride in some of the safest and most contemporary examples of futuristic rides? Revel Drive utilises the ingenuity and the safety of Tesla. We maintain our fleet with rigour and we drive chauffeur Tesla cars.

3 Reasons to LOVE electric cars

Electric cars are still fairly new on the market, many countries haven’t seen them commercially available as yet. For us, they’re a way of life. There are so many benefits to driving and supporting the electric revolution. Anyone who makes the transition from a fuel-powered car to an electric one will find it to be something they need to adapt to. For one thing, electric cars are super quiet! Once you try to go back to the fuel-powered versions, they feel outdated and somewhat rudimentary. Why do we, at Revel Drive, love electric cars? We could write the longest list – but here are our top 3 reasons;

  1. They’re environmentally-friendly

A Revel Drive, we’re aware of the earth and the need to practice business ethically. We want a beautiful green and thriving planet for future generations. Does this mean we have to second guess the level of luxury our clients enjoy? Never. Electric cars are far from perfect at this point and we understand that. They still rely on electricity. However, the burden this places on the earth’s resources is far lowered than using fuel, which also emits gases and contributes to pollution. We utilise Tesla’s superb technology for comfort, reliability, and because we believe this is the best way to transport people without impacting the environment. 

  1. They’re super luxurious

There’s no question about it – electric cars are smoother, quieter, and far more comfortable than the slightly clunky fuel-powered vehicles. Thanks to Tesla’s excellent planning, our fleet of electric vehicles come with every luxury imaginable – a refrigerator stocked with mineral water, wifi, climate control and the use of electronics and music software (Spotify). The challenge with these electric cars is ending the commute – it’s simply THAT luxurious and comfortable. 

  1. Save the local economy

Did you know that fossil fuels place a strain on the country’s economy? Foreign trade debt is exacerbated by a country’s reliance on fossil fuels because they have to be purchased from other countries, at great cost. The difficulty is that price rises can’t be avoided when there’s a genuine need – you simply have to pay the asking price. For this reason, commuters often battle to adapt to fluctuations in fuel prices while the cost of living increases. The answer? Cut reliance on fossil fuels. 

The future is now: You’re ahead of the trends

Electric cars are only just starting their long and prosperous journey with mankind. They’re trickling in but soon most people will be driving electric cars and fuel-powered cars will be viewed as outdated. Even the trendiest new releases will be considered out of date if they require fossil fuels to run. Not to mention, society is moving towards alienating those who ave the power to reduce the carbon footprint but fail to do so. Having an electric car sets you slightly ahead of your time. 

What does it take to be an excellent chauffeur?

The difference between a chauffeur, an uber, and a cab driver? Let’s start with an Uber – they’re casual, and not as cheap as people like to think. 

You’re likely to be affected by surge prices (which are tied to special holidays and peak seasons). You will also rarely see the driver assisting you with anything outside of operating the vehicle. A cab driver is unconfirmed, but you’re billed for the time or mileage. 

A chauffeur, on the other hand, is a service with an upfront cost, often far more affordable than most people assume. It comes with a well-dressed driver who will assist you with luggage and opening and closing doors. What is it like to be a chauffeur? Sometimes, it’s exciting. Sometimes, it requires many different hats and many different skills in a day. 

A day in the life of a chauffeur 


  • Professionalism – A chauffeur is a service provider. They take pride in transporting people with a sense of class and sophistication. Chauffeurs will greet, assist clients where necessary, and ensure the vehicle is operated safely, timeously, and with great consideration for the passengers. 
  • Discreetness – The identity of the passengers may secretly thrill a chauffeur, as they often get to transport some really famous people. However, a chauffeur will always remain professional and polite. A chauffeur also has to master the ability to swallow that excitement and keep it confidential. This isn’t always necessary, but oftentimes, passengers will want complete confidentiality – and this is 100% respected. 
  • The ability to adapt (fast) – Thought a chauffeur was just a driver? Think again. A chauffeur may wear many different hats in a day. Rolling out the red carpet isn’t unheard of, or serving beverages at functions. A chauffeur may also be the last-minute seamstress at a wedding or lend a caring ear to a heartbroken passenger. A chauffeur has to wake up each day and prepare to be as adaptable as the day requires. 
  • Consideration – There’s no race track driving allowed here. A chauffeur has to don that consideration like it’s a uniform – taking into account that passengers and their comfort always come first. In fact, many companies will put their drivers through specialised training to ensure they are sensitive to the comforts and needs of passengers. Of course, if you’re racing to the airport before the girl flies away forever, a chauffeur is probably going to implement some of that adaptability to get there you on time! 
  • Navigation skills – A navigation system like Google Maps isn’t good enough. A chauffeur knows his area well in case he needs to take a detour. There’s no time to look for the next best route online before you plot your way forward. Good navigation skills enable a chauffeur to make a fast decision and use the safest and fastest backroads where needed. 

A commute should always be comfortable. A chauffeur service should offer you Wifi, access to music (like Spotify), refreshments, and all the usual – airconditioning, excellent service and absolute comfort.

Stress-free Start To The Day? Booby Trap Your Body For Success Like This

Stress-free sounds difficult. Your alarm clock goes nuts – you swipe to snooze. It goes nuts, again, you swipe to snooze, again. Sit up, deadbeat, fall back down. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. Booby trap your body for success by reducing your stress levels (for improved problem-solving skills), nourish your body well for sustained energy, and know hot prepare for any emergency situation;

Stress-free? Preparation is key

It’s far easier to get up in the morning when your immediate to-do list isn’t so long. 

Your sleepy brain will take a good hour to fully engage your frontal cortex. Your frontal cortex is the part of your brain that’s responsible for cognitive function, like planning, decision-making, and coordinating. It’s far easier to roll out of bed and let autopilot take over. 

You can hack your productivity in the morning by doing all the frontal cortex work the night before, ie, the planning tasks. Choosing your outfit, deciding what to eat, gathering what you need for the day. 

It’s far easier to get up and slide on the clothes that are waiting on the dresser than it is to choose clothes. 

Find your fuel and feel stress-free

Whether you’re prepping for a meeting, a morning workout, or trying to make it until Friday, find your fuel. Many people simply can’t stomach breakfast. 

The health industry has inundated everyone with the concept that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that you should absolutely force it down if you’re not hungry. Maybe its time we start listening to our bodies? Your body will know better than any other entity, including scientists, what it needs and that infinite wisdom will be communicated to you through your appetite. 

Make sure you feel strong before you decide to skip breakfast. Make sure you have a snack handy. Sometimes the desire to eat kicks in 20 minutes after you leave home – and that’s the time to nourish your body so that you’re primed for success. 

Kick the caffeine

Coffee drinkers are socially hailed as successful people because they must need that extra boost to be productive. We’re busting that myth! Caffeine will have your energy-levels see-sawing all. You won’t even realise that you are living from slump to slope and back again. 

For more sustained energy, skip the coffee

The first few weeks will be the most tired you’ve ever been but once your body adjusts, you will have more energy that keeps you focused for longer. 

We know, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Did you know that eating an apple will wake your brain up faster? 

An apple isn’t only more effective at rousing you from a sleep state, it’s also touted as a perfect pre-workout morning snack. How does it work? When your jaws have to work, you’re increasing blood circulation to the brain, bringing boosting cognitive function. The sugars an enzymes in an apple release slowly, giving you a gradual and steady energy supply – unlike coffee which jolts you up before you plummet back down (resulting in the need for another cuppa). Caffeine will also hamper your attempts at being stress-free because it engages your body’s fight or flight response. 

Cut the commute stress (and never get stranded again)

Nothing is worse than sitting in traffic when you’re late. What about a car that won’t start when you’re heading for a big presentation? And directions? Getting lost will leave you frazzled. Not a champion start for a day’s success or a stress-free start. 

If you’re commuting to a new place, make sure you have the address handy the night before and have a ride ready.

Worried about your vehicle? 

Success is simply the byproduct of preparation and opportunity, combined. Reduce your stress levels and improve your problem-solving abilities. Keep a list of emergency contacts on your phone – yes – the ambulance, the fire brigade, and poison control should be there but extend it. Add essential service providers who you can trust in an emergency situation, like a reliable chauffeur service should you need a stress-free ride at the drop of a hat. 

In the heat of the panic, there will be no need to search for an uncomfortable cab hire or to call a colleague to fetch you. Remove the need to scramble and problem-solve by keeping helpful resources close at hand.   


You don’t have to be rich to hire a car – 5 reasons to hire a Tesla


Tesla is one of the biggest names in the sustainable energy industry. Elon Musk, the founder, has passionately designed vehicles that are fully electric without any of the downsides. Sure, they’re pricey, but not more so than a fuel-powered luxury car. As a result, there’s this erroneous idea that rentals in luxury names like Tesla are over-priced and exclusively for the wealthy. In actual fact, you don’t have to rich to hire a car, even if it’s a Tesla. Here are 5 reasons to hire a Tesla; 

  1. It’s environmentally friendly

The health of the environment is one of the trending buzzwords in business these days. It’s also making waves among consumers, who are opting for environmentally-aware service providers. For those seeking a commute that’s not harmful to the environment, hiring a TEsla is the best option. There are zero carbon emissions released. That’s not to say it’s perfect, after all, they still require batteries and charging equipment, but their carbon footprint is significantly lower than any other mode of transport. It’s definitely the ‘green’ choice. 

  1. The Model S makes you feel like a rockstar

Have you seen how sleek and luxurious these vehicles actually are? Tesla’s have smashed through the initial impression electric cars made on us. They’re not bulky, clumsy, or underpowered. They’re sleek, glamorous, and available for hire in a variety of colours. Everyone’s favourite? The Model S seems to be the trending vehicle. It’s ideal to hire for special events or for a day/evening out in style. 

  1. They’re super safe

We hear about self-driving cars and immediately worry that car designers and manufacturers have jumped the gun a bit, forsaking safety in favour of technological advancements. When you hire a Tesla, you’re not hiring a self-driving vehicle, you’re hiring a chauffeured vehicle that is environmentally conscious. That said, Tesla is one of the safest cars on the road. In 2013 Tesla received the highest safety rating of any car ever! 

  1. They’re FAST

We mentioned it already – Tesla has shattered our perception of environmentally friendly vehicles being underpowered and clumsy-looking cars that go nowhere fast. Tesla’s vehicles are FAST and beautiful. They also offer a very low centre of gravity, enabling the car to grip onto the road far more effectively at higher speeds. 

  1. They’re super quiet

There’s no hum, there’s no revving, TEsla vehicles are permanently in stealth mode. If you hire a chauffeured Tesla, you can enjoy music, conversations, phone calls, and even Skype meetings with the same quiet you enjoy in your office or at home. 

Is Tesla the best option?


There are many reasons to hire a Tesla, but, at the end of the day the perfect vehicle for you, depends on the occasion you’re hiring a chauffeur for and what your needs will be.

Chat to us, we’re always available to make suggestions to share our expertise on vehicles and commutes.

Electric cars versus petrol cars – the pros and cons


What’s better, the newer electric cars – or good old fashioned fuel cars? If you’re a consumer on a budget, an electric car sounds promising, even if you make use of chauffeur services. Imagine not having to refuel your car! Petrol and diesel are expensive, especially for those who have a significant daily commute to factor into their monthly budgets. As inviting as an electric vehicle sounds, would it be a worthwhile purchase? As humans, we naturally tend to view any new technology with a degree of scepticism. It is true, everything in the world has good traits and negative traits. Do the pros of an electric vehicle outweigh the cons? Here are the facts – you can decide. 

The pros of driving an electric car;

  • An electric car is super fast and super stealthy

A ride in an electric vehicle feels futuristic. It’s in permanent stealth mode, being super quiet. It is always incredibly smooth – once you have adjusted to the sensation of gliding over the road, a petrol car feels clumsy, bumpy, and archaic. By cutting out that combustion engine, the power is delivered much faster. Love torque? Electric cars have it in spades. Buckle up and hold tight! 

  • Re-fuel at home, at your convenience

No more queuing at the fuel station, just make sure you’re home before you run out of charge. Not that this consideration is different in petrol vehicles, you still need to plot your route according to the fuel you have to prevent stalling at the side of the road. The recharge procedure at home is easy – simply connect your car to the charging ports and continue with your evening. The next morning, you’re fueled up for another 321km. 

  • An electric car fits a monthly budget better

Sure, you’re still paying for electricity usage, but it works out far more cost-effective than refuelling at a fuel station. Plus, electricity prices tend to be less volatile. There are plans to start looking at solar recharging, in which case this cost will once again reduce dramatically. 

  • It’s more eco-efficient 

You’re dodging the carbon emissions tax, and you’re doing your bit for the environment. You’re also supporting an industry that wants to move away from outdated power sources and find newer and better answers. Your purchase puts money towards that. 

The pros of petrol cars


  • You might get ‘range anxiety’ with electrics

Running out of juice isn’t a matter of phoning your friend to bring a jerry can of petrol to refuel your car. You will have to get the vehicle to its charging port. You’ll need to be towed and you’ll need several hours to refuel once you’re connected. 

  • Refuelling is fast 

Petrol cars aren’t only easier to refuel at any petrol station, they’re also faster to refuel. It takes a few minutes at most and you’re good to go, whether you’re driving to a friend’s house down the road, or trekking across the continent (with refuel breaks along the way). Electric cars make long-distance driving incredibly challenging if you don’t plan well ahead of time. 

  • The initial purchase is affordable

Fuel-powered vehicles are more affordable. Sure, an electric vehicle is cost-effective if you don’t need to refuel but the initial expenditure is significantly higher. If you’re buying in cash, a petrol or diesel vehicle is a far more affordable purchase. 

What about car rentals and chauffeured trips?

Hiring a Tesla or any electric car shouldn’t impact the rates you pay when you hire a chauffeur. Rather, the model of the car you select, the time frame you require a driver and the expected distances will play a bigger part in the costings. In fact, an electric car can give you a more comfortable journey in style. Some of Australia’s most reputable chauffeuring services will offer both options. If you feel strongly about eco-friendly travel, make sure you request this upfront. 

Got a chauffeur? 5 Adventures to have now

The amazing future of car travel: 2020 and beyond

Government policy paralysis and a lack of choice from car manufacturers and dealers has lead to Australia having one of the lowest uptakes of electric vehicles in the developed world. So what do the next two decades hold for car transport and electric vehicles in Australia?

The figures speak for themselves. Australia has less than six per cent of electric vehicles per head of population – far fewer than countries like Norway and the Netherlands.

While Australia lags behind, some European countries have already mandated all new vehicles must be electric by 2030. Our lack of uptake is even more puzzling when you consider that the majority of lithium that powers these vehicles comes from mines in Western Australia.

Cars and the public’s attitudes towards them are changing. Concern about their impact on the environment, combined with rapidly evolving technology will have things looking very different by the end of the next decade.

Petrol and diesel cars… a thing of the past? 

Right now, owning a luxury electric car in Australia like a Tesla comes with a hefty price tag. This is beyond the reach of most people but as new manufacturers enter the market costs have begun to fall and EVs are becoming more mainstream.

New model types are also set to enter the market. For example, Tesla, Ford and Rivian in the US currently have electric ute/pick-up trucks in the works, which could become the next ‘must-have for tradespeople.

Tesla, Daimler and other manufacturers are planning to release electric-powered semi-trailers in the next few years. In Victoria, SEA Electric is ramping up to produce home-grown electric trucks and vans.

According to Bloomberg, it will be cheaper to buy an electric car in Australia than one powered by petrol or diesel by 2025. This will be the case as the batteries used to power them become easier to produce and less expensive.

How will electric cars change our lives?

Filling your vehicle with petrol and worrying about the price per litre may be a distant memory sooner than we imagined, with industry insiders saying this routine could be almost phased out within fifteen years.

Instead of filling up at the pump, we will need to charge our electric vehicles. Already, many car parks offer power outlets for charging, while there are specialist fast-charging stations popping up around the country.

The NRMA is installing forty fast-charging stations around NSW and the Queensland government has created what they have dubbed the ‘Electric Highway’ between the Gold Coast and Cairns.

The cost to charge will be minimal … just a few dollars for around 100 kilometres of driving. Most of us will get into the habit of charging our cars overnight at home.

For long trips, we will plan ahead and allow time for a vehicle recharge, which presently takes significantly longer than filling a tank with gas (at least half an hour). However, some industry experts are predicting charging times will dramatically reduce within the next five years.

There are already websites which show you where to charge your electric car in Australia. Click here to find one near you

With far fewer moving parts, electric cars need less servicing and are cheaper to maintain than petrol and diesel cars. Dealers will need to rethink their model of selling on small margins and then slugging owners with hefty service and repair bills. The traditional mechanic with a spanner in one hand and an oily rag in the other will be replaced by over-the-air software updates and tech-savvy computer experts.

Self-driving cars

Hot on the heels of electric vehicles are those that drive themselves. Imagine being able to jump in a car and tell it where to go. You can catch up on emails, watch TV or look out the window and enjoy the ride. The technology has already arrived but it needs more work and some legislation before becoming mainstream.

Self-driving cars rely on machine learning and clever technology. They can detect nearby objects and their speed, and interpret signals such as stop signs and traffic lights. The computer in the car controls the brakes and the steering wheel, making split-second ‘decisions’ based on its surroundings. GPS satellite systems help a self-driving vehicle safely reach its destination without human intervention.

Previewing the self-driving car revolution, high-end vehicles like our Teslas already have automatic emergency braking and lane following.

Self-driving cars open the door for a completely new approach to car use. Instead of owning one, we may switch to ‘on-demand’ services, booking cars when we need them and waiting outside our houses for them to arrive. This total transport revolution isn’t imminent but many expect it to happen within our lifetime.

It is possible that the children who are born in 2019 will never have the need for a drivers licence. However, the question of when this type of vehicle will become ubiquitous will depend on legal regulations and further advances in technology.

It is difficult to imagine a world where petrol stations and even driving are things of the past but change is happening quickly. To experience the luxury of an electric car in Australia, why not take a ride in a chauffeur-driven Tesla?

Revel Drive offers these planet-friendly cars for airport transfers, weddings, tours, corporate travel and more. Book now by visiting