Got a chauffeur? 5 Adventures to have now

The amazing future of car travel: 2020 and beyond

Government policy paralysis and a lack of choice from car manufacturers and dealers has lead to Australia having one of the lowest uptakes of electric vehicles in the developed world. So what do the next two decades hold for car transport and electric vehicles in Australia? The figures speak for themselves. Australia has less than […]


Looking for your next luxury getaway around Sydney? We’ve tracked down some dream holidays within easy driving distance of the metro area. Ready to get away from it all? Sometimes a mini-break is all you need to feel refreshed and relaxed. We’ve researched some of the most impressive luxury getaways near Sydney where you can […]

corporate travel

7 ways to take the stress out of corporate travel

On the road for a business trip? Here are a few tips to make your journey less stressful, including the right way to hire a corporate car service like Revel Drive in Sydney. Travelling for work may feel exciting the first few times but anyone who does it regularly will tell you it can quickly […]

Should I buy an electric car?

At present, you probably wouldn’t consider purchasing an electric vehicle. Most likely, it hasn’t even been on your radar as an option. But our love affair with petrol and diesel vehicles may be under threat from both increased environmental concerns and rapidly evolving battery technology. The term ‘EV’ is generally used rather loosely to cover […]