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Four Productivity Secrets of Top Achievers

Isn’t it funny how despite having access to technology that’s supposed to help you accomplish more in a day, you’re finding it harder and harder to actually get things done? Is it because you’re expected to juggle so many things at once that it’s becoming more and more challenging to finish anything? Or because of […]

What you need to know about chauffeur services

  Ever wondered what the big deal was about chauffeured services? You might know that it’s not the same as hailing a taxi cab or catching an Uber. That’s also not to say that chauffeured services are only for special occasions, exclusively for high profile individuals (like celebrities) or high earning executives. In fact, chauffeured […]

The future of cars – will they always be relevant?

While the look and the way in which cars operate may change, there will most likely always be the need for some sort of vehicle to enable commutes. The way in which vehicles are predicted to change, however, may almost render them unrecognisable. Hopes remain firm that manufacturers will introduce more fuel-efficiency or at least […]

4 Key attributes to look for in a chauffeur service

Planning a wedding? Preparing for prom? Need a reliable means of transport daily? There are many reasons to hire a professional chauffeuring service. Identifying the company that will deliver the service you’re looking for might be challenging if you’re not familiar with the industry standards. Fortunately for you, we’re sharing the inside scoop to help […]

3 Reasons to LOVE electric cars

Electric cars are still fairly new on the market, many countries haven’t seen them commercially available as yet. For us, they’re a way of life. There are so many benefits to driving and supporting the electric revolution. Anyone who makes the transition from a fuel-powered car to an electric one will find it to be […]

What does it take to be an excellent chauffeur?

The difference between a chauffeur, an uber, and a cab driver? Let’s start with an Uber – they’re casual, and not as cheap as people like to think.  You’re likely to be affected by surge prices (which are tied to special holidays and peak seasons). You will also rarely see the driver assisting you with […]

Electric cars versus petrol cars – the pros and cons

  What’s better, the newer electric cars – or good old fashioned fuel cars? If you’re a consumer on a budget, an electric car sounds promising, even if you make use of chauffeur services. Imagine not having to refuel your car! Petrol and diesel are expensive, especially for those who have a significant daily commute […]