What you need to know about chauffeur services


Ever wondered what the big deal was about chauffeured services? You might know that it’s not the same as hailing a taxi cab or catching an Uber. That’s also not to say that chauffeured services are only for special occasions, exclusively for high profile individuals (like celebrities) or high earning executives. In fact, chauffeured rides can simplify transport on a night out on the town, it’s a simpler way to go on vacation with the entire family, and you can even enjoy the ultimate road trip with your bestie. What do you need to know about chauffeur services before you make your booking?

Chauffeurs are different from driver services

Generally, a chauffeur’s primary job is to get you from point A to point in as much style and comfort as possible. As such, they are trained individuals who have well-developed soft skills and a knack for navigating difficult routes. A driver service will commute in any type of vehicle and deliver goods as well as people for a fee. They’re generally casual and make use of a fleet of vehicles. A chauffeur, on the other hand, is one highly qualified driver assigned to a high-end vehicle. A booking with a chauffeur ensures you have the driver’s undivided attention for the entire time. 

Chauffeured cars are always luxurious

Yes – we mentioned it, a chauffeured car is always a vehicle with excellent safety ratings. They have all the luxurious trims to make the trip memorable and comfortable. It also means that you step out of the vehicle in style and with an air of prestige. Wifi, airconditioning, a refrigerator, the use of electronic devices is included. Also, enjoy the use of software like Spotify for music. These are some of the considerations that make a chauffeured drive, exceptional. 

Chauffeured drives can be affordable

The sensation that chauffeured drives are elite and only for those who can afford exorbitant prices, is erroneous. This assumption leads many people to opt for the services that have a reputation for being more affordable, but it doesn’ always work out that way. If you are charged per kilometre, you may end up paying more for a cheaper service if they drop you off to go and service others, before fetching you again. A chauffeured service will provide a comprehensive quote alongside your booking with no hidden costs or unforeseen extras. 

Did you know? Chauffeur drivers can be pretty useful


Trained to meet your needs, a chauffeur driver can recommend great restaurants. They can take you to well-rated hotels, safe spaces to meet others. They’re able to find the way to complex destinations without assistance. A chauffeur isn’t a driver that will simply deliver you to your destination. A chauffeur will ensure all passengers are safely received on the other side and luggage is handled on your behalf. If there are any difficulties, a chauffeur is ready for a last-minute change of plans. 

The future of cars – will they always be relevant?

While the look and the way in which cars operate may change, there will most likely always be the need for some sort of vehicle to enable commutes. The way in which vehicles are predicted to change, however, may almost render them unrecognisable. Hopes remain firm that manufacturers will introduce more fuel-efficiency or at least more vehicles that require no fossil-fuels. Not only will this alleviate many of the rising costs of daily commutes, but it will also have powerful knock-on effects for every aspect of the economy – even food prices will steady, thanks to lower transportation costs. What does the future of cars look like?

Self-driving will be standard

Self-driving is also known as Autonomous Automobile. Many folks maintain a level of suspicion and a degree of fear of these cars. Can we trust technology to get us safely from point A to point B? Science says yes. “In December 2018, Waymo, the company that emerged from Google’s self-driving-car project, officially started its commercial self-driving-car service in the suburbs of Phoenix.” This is but one of many companies who are working on releasing self-driving cars or rides, to the public. Tesla, DARPA, and a number of others have made headlines time and time again. Self-driving cars have gone from being a daydream to being a ludicrous idea to being possible and now it is inevitable. 

Cost-effective freight delivery trucks

In the USA, trucks moving freight by road accounts for 12% of the country’s fuel consumption. That means the price of goods and especially food, is directly related to fuel prices. It also means the transportation industry is responsible for a significant amount of pollution. Building trucks that are more fuel-efficient is the short term goal, while long term, manufacturers should aim to get trucks off of fossil fuels completely. 

“We will see a giant leap in the efficiency of new trucks – at least 40% in the next decade. Colani has already built a prototype that uses 41% less fuel than usual, while  Mercedes-Benz claimed a world record for their Actros truck, cutting fuel use by 50%, partly by using “superwide” tyres to replace each pair, together with aerodynamic reshaping. Up to 40% of truck energy is wasted by pairs of tyres as they roll along the road at speed.  Single very wide tyres reduce rolling resistance by 4%

Hydrogen and fuel cells to replace car batteries

Water-powered cars? Sounds great, doesn’t it? The challenge has been in splitting the water particles into hydrogen and oxygen in order to create power. This has thus far required electricity, which again relies on coal power. 

The other challenge is that hydrogen is near impossible to store because it is such a “thin” gas and it tends to seep out through cracks that are undetectable by the eye. The good news is that you use hydrogen to power battery cells. This is because the battery can manufacture the electricity needed to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen particles. 

Want to ride in some of the safest and most contemporary examples of futuristic rides? Revel Drive utilises the ingenuity and the safety of Tesla. We maintain our fleet with rigour and we drive chauffeur Tesla cars.

4 Key attributes to look for in a chauffeur service

Planning a wedding? Preparing for prom? Need a reliable means of transport daily? There are many reasons to hire a professional chauffeuring service. Identifying the company that will deliver the service you’re looking for might be challenging if you’re not familiar with the industry standards. Fortunately for you, we’re sharing the inside scoop to help you identify excellent service providers and pay for the ride that doesn’t simply get you there but does it with style and ensures you’re comfortable all the way.

  1. Assess the fleet

What kind of look do you want to portray when you arrive at your destination? Do you want to turn heads? Do you want a less-is-more ride that’s focused on comfort? Are you environmentally-aware and wish to convey this? When you assess the fleet look at the vehicles that best resonate with the look you’re going for. Make sure the vehicles are in superb condition too. What kind of extras can you expect? Don’t settle for anything without airconditioning. Prestigious providers will offer beverages like mineral water, wifi, and the use of electronics like tablets. 

  1. Operational hours

Some chauffeuring service providers will find it difficult to give their full day for an event like a wedding. They may have conflicting jobs pulling them away and resulting in you being driverless for periods of time. You also want to ensure your driver is able to accommodate your needs if they are outside of the usual operational hours. This is where your reliability comes in. Reliability is key when you need to ensure you are able to commute safely and reach your destinations on time (and unfrazzled). 

  1. Safety

Roads are not the safest places. There are so many risk factors at play at the same time. Other reckless drivers, poor conditions on the road, mechanical failures, sudden changes on the road and crime. While most of these elements are largely outside of your control, a car that is well-maintained will greatly reduce the risks of an accident. Choose a chauffeuring service that uses vehicles with excellent independent safety reviews. One example of a car with excellent safety ratings is the Tesla Model S: “Of all vehicles tested, including every major make and model approved for sale in the United States, the Model S set a new record for the lowest likelihood of injury to occupants”.

  1. Consider the environmental impact

Pollution has become a major issue, resulting in more ill health and chronic breathing problems than ever before in history. A chauffeuring service that makes use of vehicles that are low in emissions, or emit no pollutants whatsoever at all, is a company that cares. It is up to consumers to support businesses that are working to improve the health of the world and stop the devastating effects of pollution. 

At Revel Drive, we believe every commute should be smooth, quiet, and comfortable. We also believe sheer luxury shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment. Tha’s why our fleet of vehicles is comprised entirely of superb-quality Tesla vehicles. Alongside our ethical business practices, our clients love our reliability and our excellent customer service.

3 Reasons to LOVE electric cars

Electric cars are still fairly new on the market, many countries haven’t seen them commercially available as yet. For us, they’re a way of life. There are so many benefits to driving and supporting the electric revolution. Anyone who makes the transition from a fuel-powered car to an electric one will find it to be something they need to adapt to. For one thing, electric cars are super quiet! Once you try to go back to the fuel-powered versions, they feel outdated and somewhat rudimentary. Why do we, at Revel Drive, love electric cars? We could write the longest list – but here are our top 3 reasons;

  1. They’re environmentally-friendly

A Revel Drive, we’re aware of the earth and the need to practice business ethically. We want a beautiful green and thriving planet for future generations. Does this mean we have to second guess the level of luxury our clients enjoy? Never. Electric cars are far from perfect at this point and we understand that. They still rely on electricity. However, the burden this places on the earth’s resources is far lowered than using fuel, which also emits gases and contributes to pollution. We utilise Tesla’s superb technology for comfort, reliability, and because we believe this is the best way to transport people without impacting the environment. 

  1. They’re super luxurious

There’s no question about it – electric cars are smoother, quieter, and far more comfortable than the slightly clunky fuel-powered vehicles. Thanks to Tesla’s excellent planning, our fleet of electric vehicles come with every luxury imaginable – a refrigerator stocked with mineral water, wifi, climate control and the use of electronics and music software (Spotify). The challenge with these electric cars is ending the commute – it’s simply THAT luxurious and comfortable. 

  1. Save the local economy

Did you know that fossil fuels place a strain on the country’s economy? Foreign trade debt is exacerbated by a country’s reliance on fossil fuels because they have to be purchased from other countries, at great cost. The difficulty is that price rises can’t be avoided when there’s a genuine need – you simply have to pay the asking price. For this reason, commuters often battle to adapt to fluctuations in fuel prices while the cost of living increases. The answer? Cut reliance on fossil fuels. 

The future is now: You’re ahead of the trends

Electric cars are only just starting their long and prosperous journey with mankind. They’re trickling in but soon most people will be driving electric cars and fuel-powered cars will be viewed as outdated. Even the trendiest new releases will be considered out of date if they require fossil fuels to run. Not to mention, society is moving towards alienating those who ave the power to reduce the carbon footprint but fail to do so. Having an electric car sets you slightly ahead of your time.