What’s the main differences between a Tesla and another high-end car?


Three things distinguish a Tesla from other high performance cars:

  1. The pace of acceleration from 20-60 mph has few peers, and this is probably the most usable window of speed in the Sydney Area for a performance car.
  2. Because it’s silent.  You “could” ( we don’t) shoot down a street without drawing glares from people on the paths.
  3. There’s just something about the electric drivetrain thats different to other prestigious cars.
  4. The car is a head-turner. People are always taking pictures of it; I once walked back to where it was parked and there were three Private School Boys (Shore) taking selfies using it as a backdrop. Almost every day, people give me a “thumbs up” or shout “I love your car!” We hear the same questions repeatedly, and predictably.
  5. “Is it… all electric??” This is the one that always makes me smile. People simply cannot believe that there isn’t a petrol based engine in there somewhere; with many car companies building serial hybrids like the Lexus and the BMW i3 and calling them “electric vehicles,” I can see why there is confusion. So I point out that there is no exhaust pipe on my car. And then add, “No tune-ups. No oil changes. No smog inspections. No fuel pump or transmission to wear out.” “No transmission! What do you mean, no transmission?”
  6.  It’s very low; you ride about six inches away from the concrete road, which makes it feel even faster, like riding a go-kart.